We’ve made hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions since founding Willow Creek Estate. As with any business, there have been choices every step of the way. Some of these have been big, like what will our name be or what will the logo look like. Some have been tiny, like what kind of cork will we use in our bottles. In some case we revisit these questions as we see results and get smarter. And in most cases, we’re asking how we can improve our products and services so that we make our customers’ experience better.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Our first two (Wine) Lovers’ Club Shipments were sent using United Parcel Service. UPS is a strong service provider, and we love our local UPS driver (big shout out to Jarrod and his young family). But the cost of those shipments was higher than we felt our customers should pay.

In June we experimented with a new vendor. Their overall performance was great. So much so that we feel comfortable in changing from UPS.

Willow Creek Estate is happy to announce that we have chosen Golden State Overnight as our shipping vendor. GSO can deliver to our customers in California, Arizona and Nevada overnight. And they do it at rates about half of what UPS charges. Those savings will be passed directly to our customers.

This is a big win for Willow Creek Estate and the wine lovers we serve.

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