Things People Often Ask

Q: Can I join more than one Club at a time?
A: No. Pick the one that suits you best. Obviously, the (Wine) Lovers’ Club offers the most benefits, but not everyone is a (Wine) Lover. We find that the Club with the most general appeal is the Friends & Family Club. Maybe start there …

Q: What if I’m not a member of your family or a friend?
A: No worries. We sometimes define our family loosely. And we’re alway looking to make new friends.

Q: Can I upgrade my Club membership at anytime?
A: Sure. There are no Club police here. Just contact us and we’ll adjust your account to meet your needs.

Q: You say the the (Wine) Lovers’ Club has limited space. What if I want to join that Club but it’s filled?
A: That is a risk, obviously. When the (Wine) Lovers’ Club fills up, we’ll start a waiting list. Future Members will be added from the waiting list on a first come, first served basis.

Q: Can I quit whenever I want?
A: Yep. If you’re not having fun with us, you should find something more up your alley. No worries. No regrets.

Q: Can you help me find great wineries in your area?
A: Yes! With well over 300 wineries in the Paso area, it can be confusing who to visit. We can help. We stay on top of changes in the area so you don’t have to. Fill out our Winery Preference Form. We’ll get right back to you with a list of wineries we think suit you.